I invite you to know my work

I believe that we are part of a new time, a new era. That we are the ancestors of a new humanity.

Each person is awakening his spirituality and is leading him to discover the treasure that keeps his life.




The paint has 7 protective layers. These layers are thin and very resistant.

Helping the original painting last for many years. If over the years it starts to wear out you can replace the protective paint, so that it lasts many more years.

Tell me what drawing you'd like, tell me about yourself, send me a picture. With these elements I can make a custom drawing for you that identify you energetically and spiritually.

The drawings are aimed at the type of spiritual work you are doing, so that it is an important complement to your work.

The sound of the drum has strength and delicacy at the same time, achieving states of connection between the patient and the therapist. 

Making it ideal for healing therapies, shamanic therapies, sound therapies, traditional singing and spiritual connection.


2016 - 2023

   I think every person keeps a light

That each person will bring light to this change.
That we will all be a new seed for future generations

— Testimonies —

Silvia Rettenmaier, Therapeutin, Alemania

Das Gemälde von Ariel auf meiner Trommel berührt die Wahrheit der Anderswelt, wie ich sie schon immer in mein Herzen kannte, aber niemals ausdrücken konnte. Diese Welt ist mir sehr nahe. Me gusta Trommel kann ich nun mit ihr kommunizieren. Diese einzigartige Trommel enthüllt meine innere Weisheit und verbindet mich mit meiner wahren Natur.

Alle, die diese wundervolle Trommel sehen und hören sind berührt von ihrer Schönheit, Wahrheit und Herzenskraft.

Ein großer Dank an dich, lieber Ariel!

Marieke Akgül

Ariel created this left drum for me this summer. Im still amazed how well he captures the persons essence in his drums. His way of painting is guided directly from Spirit and each day an honor to work together with a drum that not only looks amazing but is also sounding amazing. Fell in love with my drum, the first time we met. Thank you again Ariel for your gifted hands.. 

Sandra Honekamp New Zealand

Dear Ariel, thank you, thank you, thank you!
The Drum arrived finally this morning and I had a little celebration for its arrival in the forest. I absolutely love this drum and you are a super talented and excellent artist to capture what was truly needed to come into the drum. A special thank you for my special mountain in there. I love everything you placed so wonderful in the drawing! The She-wolf, the Goddess, the Phoenix, the Tree and everything! :-) <3 Thank you! Words cant describe what I am trying to express! Many Blessings to you and your Family!