The Native Mestizo Drum is an artisan work that is carved into the skin of the drum head, and each drum guards a vibration where a mystery is born. In this vibration we learn there is a form, a spirit that I call, and this figure is what connects with the owner of the drum, and communicates with this person, and many times until they appear.


My mission is to make drums that endure in time, using materials of a high quality and which choose and touch your heart, and are always with you, they are you, and are part of the greatest medicine that we can imagine; life itself.


My vision is to have a drum for every person. That each person discover the magic that they have within, that connects them to life, and with the people that resonate with them and also resonate with their ancestors. Together each person and their drum will be creating and leaving beauty in this world.

This is what I think

                Each song is a prayer, a spiritual state and a connection with the sacred. A medicine that when you hear it, and you repeat it and repeat it, is because it moves your soul. The drum creates a space so that the song connects one to the ancient and the sacred. For me, each drum is a spirit, because the sound can be serene or full of force and this sound is what connects with the person that carries it, and because of this, each drum has a unique design.

                       ....It is something simple

                                    It is a drum.

                                                    The drum gives life to those who play them.

For Whom?

      This is directed to all the people that feel the special call to play the drum and connect to this spiritual place within the heart and the sacred.

I invite all of you who hear this call, because this is the first part of my work. It does not matter if you do not know how to play the drum, you will learn with time. The discovery and practice will be a gift that comes with your drum.