The most important thing to understand is that your carved drum is made of MULE leather, a very special and resistant skin. This skin is very different compared to other skins, since it is much more resistant to the humidity of the temazcal (sweat lodge) and also to cold climates. 

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To do Sound Therapy, it is much better to have a profound or deep Resonance. Healing with sound, Professional Singers, etc....

50 centimeters diameter. 

19.5 inches diameter


With the most resistance to humidity, the sound is maintained throughout the four rounds of the sweat lodge, even if you finish one lodge and enter another.

40 centimeters diameter 

15.75 inches diamter


This drum is played in the horizontal position, slightly inclined to the side, or any other smooth manner which will produce the sounds resembling the ocean. Ideal for meditation, Reiki, Yoga, etc.

40 centimeters diameter 

15.75 inches diameter

 Tying the Drum 

     The tying of the drum is a traditional indigenous method of tying which represents the connection with the four sacred directions and the four sacred elements. This type of tie and the type of string used makes a drum that does not loose it's tension.

For the nobility of the materials, it is a drum that will endure many, many years.

Care of the Drum

You need to familiarize yourself with the harmonic vibration of your drum, so that you know when the skin is well toned, not too dry and not too humid.

1. It is not necessary to place it on it's side near a fire, where it will become too dry, in case it looses the tone due to humidity. If it should loose the tone, simply place it near the fire, and ROTATE the faces until the tone returns to it's harmonic resonance. 

2. Never leave it outside all night, as it will absorb humidity and loose tone and tension.

3. Also never leave your drum outside in the sun or inside a car in the sun.

Keep in mind:

         When you enter a sweat lodge, please respect the head drum and the person who is leading the sweat ceremony, if you are learning by practicing, playing alongside the head drum, but quieter so as to not disturb the order of the sounds. Discover your drum, play it with your fingers or with a covered stick. Learn a song and reveal the medicine that it brings. It is not necessary to play the drum loudly, just encounter it within yourself and your divine nature.

Good luck!...