Each drum tells a story and this is the interpretation that each drum has.
Because each drum is made for a special person, and is created with that person in mind and thought,each drum tells more stories than the carving of the design it has on it.

It is a drawing carved into the skin of the drum that will never disappear, which is made with the skin of the mule which gives a much better sound than other skins, and with the humidity will not loose it's tone as other types of skin will. This skin is more durable because it is more dense and not very porous. That is why the humidity cannot penetrate it to loose the tone rapidly, even though it is carved with a beautiful design.

These are some of my works, many of which are in jungles, deserts, cities, beaches... 

The Carved DRUM 

Is a work that is much more detailed, - as much as double the time, because the quality of the detail is much higher, giving it's form on the skin such as animals, details of dress or the figure that actually defines much more beyond this drawing.


Each line or point carved has a significance, and is part of my vision. When the drawings are made, they are seen with colors and when they are carved, I see where each color belongs....because each color represents something, demonstrating the message that each drum has.

                    IMAGINE YOURS.......!!!